Professor Jane Dickson-Gilmore discusses Aboriginals in Canada’s correctional system (radio Q&A)

Canada’s prison system just flunked a big test.

Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers released a scathing report last Thursday condemning the system for failing Canada’s Indigenous peoples. The Aboriginal inmate population has jumped forty three percent in the last five years.

Carleton law professor Jane Dickson-Gilmore is an expert in Aboriginal justice issues.

Nick Ashdown talked to Dickson-Gilmore about Sapers’ report.

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Advocates criticize Canada’s refugee policies at Refugee Night (radio documentary)

Immigration Minister Jason Kenney wasn’t very popular at last Friday’s Refugee Night, held at the University of Ottawa.

Doctors and lawyers told a packed auditorium what they think of Canada’s new refugee laws, and they didn’t mince words. They are concerned about a new measure cutting medical care to refugee claimants.

Nick Ashdown was at the event.

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