The ‘Magic Pill’: How Music Helps Kids Escape a Stressful World (30 minute radio documentary)

Young people live increasingly stressful lives these days. One way of alleviating this stress is by taking music classes. In fact, researchers agree that studying music has all kinds of benefits for kids. Despite these benefits, most schools in Ontario don’t have a qualified music teacher with a musical background. Many parents therefore put their children into private music classes, but these can be expensive. Advocates argue that a robust musical education should be provided by public schools so that everyone has access. Nick Ashdown reports in Ottawa.

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Local organization teaches children Ghanaian drumming (radio documentary)

It’s often said that children should be seen, but not heard.

Kathy Armstrong wants to shatter this belief, and she’s doing it with West African drums. Her organization Baobob Tree teaches children how to play Ghanaian drums.

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